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Event Name: Charles Darwin 3+3
Event Location: Charles Darwin National Park
Event Date(s): 27/07/2019 - 28/07/2019
Online registration opens on:   1/07/2019 at 12:00 AM (NT time)
Online registration closes on:   26/07/2019 at 11:59 PM (NT time)
Registration Fees:   From $5.00 to $5.00

Event Contact Details

Event Organiser: Darwin Off-Road Cyclists
Contact Name: Keogh Conboy
Contact Phone Number: 0428821360
Contact Email:
Event Website:


Welcome to the DORC 3+3 race at Charles Darwin National Park
What is a 3+3 race? Well it’s a race that is held on consecutive days and on each day there is 3 hours of racing

Race Format

3 Hours on Saturday (starting at 3pm), and 3 hours on Sunday.

You can ride either or both legs.


  • Solo,
  • Teams of two riders
  • Teams of three riders.
  • E-MTB Bike are allowed and will have their own class

Entry Fees

DORC / MTBA members: $5 

NON-DORCMembers: $33 (Covers race entry + day license/MTBA insurance)

Consider DORC/MTBA membership before the race! Check out the details and benefits
(Your Entry Fee covers both days of racing)

Regulations and Rules:

Riders should carry puncture repair kits, water, mobile phone(with first aid numbers) and food with them whilst riding. Helmet must be worn at all times whilst riding. It is also advisable to have gloves and eye protection as well.

At any time a competitors comes across a fellow rider needing assistance you shall render any assistance that is required.

Cut Off:

The race director reserves the right to close the course prior to the 3 hour mark if it's getting too hot, or other safety reasons.

If you choose to finish before the race cut-off, please notify race control.


Saturday, 27th June

14:00 Sign on and plate collection opens
14:45 Rider briefing
15:00 Race start all riders
18:00 Course closed
18:30 Presentations

Sunday, 28th June

6:30 Sign on and plate collection opens
7:15 Rider briefing
7:30 Race start all riders
10:30 Course closed
11:00 Presentations

BBQ will be running while the race is running. Drinks will be available.