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Event Name: Ride & Wine
Event Location: Tumbarumba Creekscape
Event Date(s): 14/11/2020 - 14/11/2020
Online registration opens on:   1/09/2020 at 7:00 AM (NSW time)
Online registration closes on:   8/11/2020 at 11:59 PM (NSW time)

Event Contact Details

Event Organiser: Cycle Tumbarumba
Contact Name: Peter Marshall
Contact Phone Number: 0409833504
Contact Email:
Event Website:


Tumbarumba Ride & Wine

This event combines a discovery based cycle event, with a relaxed festival of local produce, music and wines waiting at the finish line.

Come and discover the local trails and attractions around Tumbarumba and the local produce on offer.

The Ride event is a discovery and route-planning challenge taking in sites (checkpoints) around Tumbarumba. Suitable for recreational or serious riders of all ages.

Think ‘Cyclegaine’ for those familiar with Rogaining.

In teams of 2 or more, you will be given a map and 4 hours to visit as many checkpoints as you can or wish to.

Checkpoints are worth points, but at some checkpoints you will also receive a bonus random playing card.

Returning before the cut-off (late penalties apply) you will be greeted with a voucher for a steak sandwich and a relaxing festival atmosphere.

Winners will be determined by the most points (competitive) and best poker hand (Random). 

Checkpoints will be scattered across all terrain, from road, rail trail, dirt road and mountain bike trails – you choose what weapon (bike) you attack the course with. Each will have their pros and cons.

Date of Event

Saturday 14 November 2020

Event Entry

MTBA entry system

Event Location

Start and Finish and Festival located at the Tumbarumba Creek Scape.

Time Table

8:30am – 9:30am             Rego (receive map and do ride planning)

9:30am                             Ride Event starts

9:30am – 1:30pm             Ride Event in progress

Festival event and food available from mid-morning

1:30pm                             Ride Event Finish, penalties apply for late finishers

1:30 – 6:00pm                  Relax, refresh and enjoy festival atmosphere and music for the afternoon.

3:00pm                             Presentation and winner drawn


Adult $40 each
Child (<18) $15 each
(Children towed or carried) Free.

Each entry includes a complimentary voucher for a Tumbarumba Rotary Steak Sandwich and Drink

How to Enter

This is a teams event. As such you will need a minimum of two riders to enter.
Team types are listed in the categories below.  

How to add extra people to your team

After you have registered a team of 2, you can add extra members to your team, by starting a new registration and selecting "Extra Adult team mate" or "Extra Junior team mate" and specifying the team captain when asked.  


A category must have at least 4 teams entered for awarding category prizes (teams will be added into the next category if there are not enough teams)

-        Ebikes - any team than contains an EBike becomes an Ebike team

-        Family - must include two riders and at least one child on a tagalong, trailer or bike seat, or similar.

-        Junior teams - have at least one adult and one team mate who is (choose the youngest applicable):

  • Under 13
  • Under 15
  • 17 and Under

-        Open

  • Men’s Team
  • Women’s Team
  • Mixed Team

-        Vet’s > 40

  • Men’s Vets Team
  • Women’s Vets Team
  • Mixed Vets Team

-        Super Vets >50

  • Men’s Super-Vets Team
  • Women’s Super-Vets Team
  • Mixed Super-Vets Team